Walter Bera, PhD


Welcome to the personal website of Walter Bera, PhD. psychologist, family therapist, Buddhist and martial artist. Founder and Director of the Narrative Therapy based Kenwood Therapy Center, LLC in Minneapolis. I have been a therapist, teacher, researcher and writer for 30 years with special interests in the development of clinical theory and practice around issues of abuse, power, ethics and politics.

I created this as a resource for friends, colleagues and workshop participants to easily find information, downloadable writings, videos, photos, and more. It covers my interests and work in psychology, family therapy, philosophy, Buddhism, and martial arts. A diverse set of ideas and practices for mind, body and spirit. It also allows me to share works in progress for feedback and review.

(Please note that the site is under construction and revision and some items may not work as hoped. Please email me if you find problems and I’d love your comments and suggestions at